maandag 12 juli 2010

Free download: Mount Pleasant

Jonathan Phillips has been releasing music under his lo-fi moniker Mount Pleasant for quite some time now. His music is very expressive and very dark. Like Xiu Xiu for example, the music is sometimes hard to grasp. Listening to his discography gives you an idea on how uncompromising this music really is, and that, in my opinion is really admirable.

From an interview with Salient:
I make most of my music at home, in my bed, I guess. I do record songs in friends’ living rooms, sometimes at like two in the morning. I record all the songs using the free software on my MacBook, GarageBand, and into the little inbuilt microphone. It doesn’t really add up to a “top quality” sound or anything. The guitar never sounds good and there are generally like six vocal layers to cover up how stark the vocals sound. The writing of the songs is generally like intuitive, like stream of consciousness lyrics that I edit out. Mostly the songs work with piano or a harp loop, something like that, it’s just like loops and destroyed samples and lots of delay and reverb. I really believe in delay and reverb, I think they are the two most important things in a song.

You can download a lot of music from Mount Pleasant's site. Some beautiful gems are there to be discovered by your ears. I'd recommend you at least download the Dissolute, Dissolute, The Flood and Rio Joy albums.

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